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Diving point

A dynamic point where the Kuroshio Current hits

Hagachizaki, the westernmost cape on the Izu Peninsula.。
In front of you is a treasure trove of fish, Suruga Bay, and the Pacific Ocean, which flows through the Kuroshio Current. In addition, in the sea, a “pure blue world” like the Pacific Ocean spreads dynamically.


Hagachizaki diving point


The tide is good, the shadows of fish are deep, and the encounter rate of large migratory fish is very high. About 30m to the south, there is a hidden root called "Ko-benkei".
Maximum depth: 5-30m


It is a point to dive around the roots that can be seen from the sea surface. The entrance of the tunnel is at a depth of 16m and the exit is vertical at a depth of 5m. Cracks in the roots are filled with spiny lobsters, testifying to the abundance of the sea.
Maximum depth: 5-20m

Blue Grotto

It is a half-water cave with an "L" shape.
It is about 30 meters long, but because it is L-shaped, the sun shines in from both sides, giving it a mystical impression. In addition, it is a point where beginners can enjoy it because the water depth is shallow without being affected by the tide.
Maximum depth: 5-12m

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