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Diving point

Nishiizu popular diving spot Kumomi

Kumomi is famous of the view of Mt. Fuji over the ushitsuki rocks.
Large underwater rocks are scattered around Ushitsuki rocks, and is more than 20 hole arches in there! A very popular diving spot in Izu where you can enjoy from the underwater terrain, the various creatures from migratory fish, school fish to macros inhabit.
There divers will can enjoy the terrain and the underwater life at the same time.


Ushitsuki rocks

Ushitsuki rocks

The main point diving in Kumomi. The ushitsuki rock which consists of two rocks, a large and a small rock, is a point where you can enjoy everything from underwater terrain, school fish, migratory fish to macro creatures such as sea slugs, and frogfish at once. There are various ways to take the course, such as a standard course where you can enjoy -24 arches and caves from the waterway, a round of small rocks of ushitsuki where you can enjoy the sandy course, and Gunkan where sea anemones are beautiful in there. We will guide you with the best course according to your skills and needs.

Kumomi Ushitsuki rock Map

Other diving points in Kumomi


Beside ushitsuki rocks, the sankei also have underwater terrain, and the maximum depth is as shallow as -12m, but here you can enjoy the highlight of the "3 hole" air dome, where the light coming from the ceiling of the cave shines into the water.


A shallow water with the sand point. It is a point that is easy for beginners and blank divers to dive.


A dynamic point recommended for advanced divers. It is an open ocean point of Kumomi, this point is about 10 minutes from the seaside house by boat. You can also meet stingrays, longtooth grouper, sea turtles and more!
This point is a deep depth and neutral buoyancy skills are essential.

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